Top 5 Tips for Luton Airport Parking.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Looking for a parking space at Luton Airport is challenging and no one’s really ready to do so. I mean who wants to waste time on an airport, seriously?

Here are top 5 tips for Luton Airport Parking that will allow you to utilize your time, cost and most importantly, your enjoyment in the best possible manner.

1. Pre-Booking Parking Space

Sorry, the parking lot is full! The first and foremost thing to do is to book your parking spot in advance. There are plenty of good affordable deals, available online. The main reason why this tip is effective as – prices of parking at Luton Airport change with respect to time.

Though the cost variation is slight, it increases stress in passengers. Book your space before weeks or even months to get an ideal spot. You can find our previous article that is about Benefits of Airport Parking in Luton.

2. Services that Suits Best

Now there are several services with various packages at Luton Airport parking. Therefore, it’s wiser for you to choose a service and its product according to what suits best to you. Don’t get stuck in slimy promotional taglines of airport parking services that don’t deliver what they should. There are three types of parking services available on Luton Airport:

Park & Ride – Once you’re done parking your car, this service picks you up in a shuttle bus and drops you off at the airport – mostly located a little far from terminals

Meet & Greet – one of the best and reliable service – allows you to book your parking spot before – comes with 100% security and fully insured chauffeur that helps in unloading your luggage – protects your car while your trip - and prepare your car for your arrival to home (Easy Airport Parking is one of the best and leading Meet & Greet parking service at Luton Airport)

Onsite – offered by the airport officials, somewhat more costly than aforementioned services with limited facilities

3. Vehicle Safety

In 2015, 8% of cars parked at Luton Airport were subject to suspicion and fine due to no parking sticker on them. Most cars parked in the airport parking area have park mark approval. Don’t forget to get one while using any service because it ensures that this particular has undergone all safety and risks measurements.

Ultimately, it’s for your own benefit, getting affiliated with park mark secures your car. Luton Airport parking security holds conditional privileges to take action against any vehicle found in violation of rules and regulations so be careful!

4. Time of Arrival & Departure

Make sure you have booked your airport parking service according to your time of arrival and departure. As a matter of fact, every parking service asks these two times because the Luton Airport is quite strict about time and that’s parking space is allotted on the basis of time followed by a number of days for it (short or long-term park). Generally, parking services can hold on to your car by waiting for 20 mins or less. After this, they will have to charge you accordingly.

5. Always Choose Easy Airport Parking Ltd.

Easy Airport Parking Ltd has been widely recognized for provide elite Meet & Greet Luton Airport parking services. The prices here are a lot cheaper than any other parking services available in Luton, including onsite parking service that is the official parking service of Luton Airport.

You can visit its website at and allow them with a chance to prove their excellent services that will leave you assured and with zero disappointment.