Frequently Asked Questions

How does Meet & Greet parking work?

Meet & Greet airport parking (sometimes referred to as Chauffeur or Valet Parking) has grown in popularity with families, business travelers and anyone wanting to avoid the stress of finding an offsite car park or waiting in the rain for a shuttle bus. On your return, you will be met by Our chauffeur at the terminal again saving time and helping you get to your final destination in super quick time.

Where do I meet the chauffeur?

Just call the chauffeur when you are 20 minutes away from the airport terminal. When you arrive at the airport, just drive to the airport terminal and the chauffeur will be waiting for you. He will identify your car straightaway as he will have your car details. You will sign a quick paper work, and then your car will be taken to the secure cark park.

Do I need a bus or shuttle to go to the terminal from the meet point?

You don't need to take a bus or shuttle, it's a Meet & Greet service, you will be met by the chauffeur at the airport terminal (car drop off point).

Can I make a last minute booking?

No! A booking can only be made at least 48 hours before the car drop-off time that a customer requests.

What will I receive after I have made my booking?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation with all the details of your booking such as mobile number you need to dial once you are 20 minutes away from the departure terminal etc. The confirmation e-mail will also have postcode and directions to make it easy for you to reach the airport terminal.

I have not received my confirmation email, what shall I do?

Check your junk/spam folder in your mailbox. Also, ensure that you check the appropriate email account that you entered when you made the booking. Sometimes mail servers have problems thus delaying the delivery of emails. If after a reasonable amount of time you have not received a confirmation, please call us on 0800 311 8251 or e-mail

Can I change the return date?

Yes, you can but we always advise our customers to inform us of their return date so we can return the vehicle as promptly as possible to help save on any extra charges for returning the car to the airport more than once, to make any amendments regarding your booking contact our office at:

What happens when my flight is re-directed or delayed?

We are aware of flight cancellations and delays as we are working around the clock 24/7. We can return your vehicle to you at any time to your convenience if this is the case. But, it is always advisable to notify us of any significant changes.

How do I cancel a booking?

Please give us a call 48 hours in advance. Processing the refund requires 7-14 days. We will deduct a small percentage from the refund as administration charge. The refund charge is a small amount but in the case of the company being notified less than 48 hours in advance, 50% of the parking fee is deducted. Please refer to the Payments and Refund section of our website Terms and Conditions.

Are the drivers fully insured?

All of the drivers are fully insured. Careful selection of drivers takes place via a thorough selection process; each driver is well trained and vetted to take proper care of your car.

What is your complaints procedure?

Our contact details can be found on our Contact Page. We aim to acknowledge all correspondence immediately, and try to respond within 24 hours after the receipt of a correspondence. We at Easy Airport Parking will endeavor to resolve all problems as soon as possible.