Top Five Things you Should know about Flying from Gatwick Airport.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Summer is jamming at its best and the holidaymakers are keen to travel. So, if you’re planning to travel to enjoy holidays from Gatwick Airport, then there are few vital things you need to before boarding the plane.

Here’s the list of top 5 things you should know about flying from Gatwick Airport to avoid disappointment and instant-turn-off to your mood.

1. Where to Stay?

Thousands of people travel from Gatwick Airport on domestic and international flights. Therefore, it's jam-packed with passengers, mostly travellers. If you’re playing to avoid any human congestion and want everything to go smoothly when you reach the airport, then find a place to stay near the airport the night before your flight.

During holiday seasons, Airlines offer several cheap and exotic deals that attract the most and flights for such are normally at late night or early in the morning. Therefore, staying as much as near to Gatwick Airport as possible will definitely make your trip much easier and enjoyable.

2. What Should you do to pass time?

There’s a lot to discover at the Gatwick Airport. It’s made in such a way that travellers enjoy the best out of it. However, if you have plentiful time before your flight or a day then go visit the historical and beautiful sites of Gatwick. The place is filled with mesmerizing places that will take your both, breathe and time away.

3. What should you remember the most?

First of all, make sure you have all the necessary documents required to travel. This includes your passport, ticket, your wallet, cash, luggage and every important document that you think will help you while travelling from Gatwick Airport. If you’re going abroad than confirm your Visa and please make sure there is an entrance/exit stamp on your passport.

Check for your ticket, and call them to confirm your booking just to be on the safe side. You must do all these things before reaching the Gatwick Airport or on if you have time.

4. How Should I get to the Airport?

There are several ways to reach the airport such as by Bus, Car, Taxi and Train. It's absolutely up to you to choose the way according to your convenience. If you have your own car then You can take the highway and reach the airport you should know about the parking fee and most importantly empty spot. There are Airport parking services available that charge according to your trip, you can also leave your car for days. You can also pre-book your parking spot online.

Easy Airport Parking is one of the foremost and best parking service available at Gatwick Airport. It's way cheaper than the official airport’s parking service with reliability and safety.

5. What Should I do before boarding the plane?

Go through all of your belongings to check if nothing’s missing. Hold your passport, ticket and visa (for international) in your hand because these are important and should not be lost at any cost. So, be attentive and active. Greet everyone with courtesy especially the immigration agents, trust me you don’t want to mess with them. Don’t try to crack useless jokes to overcome anxiety. Just relax, breathe and enjoy.