Top 5 Safety Advice When Travelling from Luton Airport.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Most of these safety tips for traveling may seem obvious or common sense, but they say that common sense is the least common of the senses so it is worth remembering.

The main reason why people choose to travel is either to attend some business or to spend holidays with or without family. Such reasons are followed by the main goal while travelling, that is to be relaxed and calm throughout the journey. However, there are certain things that come uninvited, some matters that are uncalled for. Therefore, one ought to be ready for any of any danger.

Here is top 5 safety advice when travelling from Luton Airport that will keep you safe and sound throughout your journey.

1. Always look at your surroundings

Avoid walking, sitting, or standing next to a crowd of passengers. Airports are meant to be busy and everyone is in a rush and then there are people who are, let’s just say, not very kind. These people may take advantage of you being in a haste, bump into you and may steal something precious from you. It also doesn’t mean that you have to be suspicious of everyone around you, NO, just a little look over your shoulder will suffice.

According to a study, a thief will most likely to abstain stealing from you if he finds you suspicious of him. So, the 1st safety advice is to always keep an eye around.

2. Calm Down – Don’t Panic

We all are familiar with the level of anxiety one could have while travelling. Checking your bag once a while to see if your summer shorts are there and for other staff - this will worry you and cause panic.

So calm yourself before leaving home or before entering the airport because panic will definitely make you forget something, what if you couldn’t remember the thing you left at home, was your passport? You must do your best to retain your senses energetic because it’s good for your mental safety.

3. Do Your Homework

Make sure you have packed everything that is required and perhaps needed during your trip. Most people tend to forget tiny things that pinch them in head throughout the journey. And don’t forget to pack all of it properly.

There have been several cases of missing luggage and items on Luton Airport reported that were mostly due to loosening zip of the backpack or lost the bag while standing in a queue for coffee. In addition, always be informed about details of the entire trip – it sure will save a lot of time.

4. Separate Your Money

You must have heard the famous saying “Never put all the eggs in one basket”. Yes, it goes for your money too. Despite Luton Airport’s visible beauty, the people inside can be quite unpredictable. If, by any chance, any eventuality happens such as theft, then make sure you have not lost your money but other belongings. Because you’d still be able to continue your journey but if you’ve lost your money then there’s a huge problem. So be sure to follow this safety advice.

5. Switch off your Smart Phone

You must switch off or lock it and put in somewhere safe for a while. This is because most people at Luton Airport today use electronic devices such as smart phones, tabs etc. all the time. Even when they’re walking.

In 2014, a man bumped into a glass door and broke it. He was badly injured and was urgently taken to the hospital. It could be you if won’t watch where you’re going. You can use it once you’ve got the boarding pass while sitting a waiting lounge. People have also been reported to lose their phones while walking fast which damaged their phone. So, it’s for your and your phone’s safety at stake.