Top 5 Captivating Facts about Heathrow Airport.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Heathrow Airport is one the best and record-breaking airports in the world. It successfully facilitates millions of passengers every year, mostly who choose it to travel to their favourite holiday destinations.

Today, Heathrow Airport is progressing towards exponential prosperity by leading other airports regarding economic growth, facilities, amenities, airport parking, food and holiday flights. Here’s a list of some facts that might attract you to visit this captivating airport.

1. A Military Aerodrome

Richard Fairey was a British aero engineer bought and brought Heathrow back to life in 1930. Initially, it had a single runway that later in years was surrounded by some buildings. Interestingly Heathrow Airport contributed in the second World War, as it served the purpose of being a military aerodrome for the manufacturing of RAF Heston, an aircraft known to carry troops from one place to another (mostly the Far East).

Unfortunately, the practicality of its contribution did not take place as the war ended before it was completed. The Military then handed the runway and buildings to the Air Ministryfor its use as a commercial airport in 1946, and it was called London Airport until the name changed to Heathrow Airport in 1966.

2. World’s Busiest Airport

Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. It serves an average of 64 million passengers every year. It has the world’s second busiest cargo port, serving more than 90 airlines at a time. People can travel to more than 185 different destinations with affordable holiday packages.

3. New York is the Top Destination

The most recorded international travellers from Heathrow Airport were flown to New York further followed by Dublin, Parish, Amsterdam and Frankfurt in descending order according to a number of passengers. Around 35% people daily use Heathrow Airport to travel to New York which makes it a top destination.

4. Most Popular Meal

Despite having several restaurants, cafes and eating lounges, the most popular and favourite meal of travellers is the Breakfast. Can you imagine that Heathrow Airport serves approximately 7 million eggs, 5.4 million bacon rashers, 27,000 cups of tea, 7 million croissants, 1100, bottles of champagne, and 40,000 cups of coffee every day? This could be one of the reasons why Heathrow airport is jam-packed in the morning for hungry travellers.

5. The Royal Terminal

A little do people know that Heathrow Airport also has a separate and special terminal only for the Royal Queen. However, the accessibility of it is hidden from viewers due to security reasons, but it is said to be built on the south side of the Heathrow airport. The terminal only serves the Queen, government officials, celebrities, the Royal Family. However, it’s a bit expensive as it costs £1,500 per head.