Things to do before leaving for Luton Airport.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Plan for your Check-in

Flight check-in time varies depending on whether you want to take domestic or international flight. Domestic flights are easier to check-in than international flights. You must have enough time to check-in for international flight, standard check-in time is 3 hours for international flights. You can arrive one hour before departure in case of domestic flights.

For domestic and international flight the procedure to obtain boarding pass is same. You must possess all important document i.e. visa, ticket, passport, bank state or educational documents, if any, that you show to the immigration officer while applying for visa. If you follow these simple procedures you don’t have to face any hurdle in checking through to the passenger lounge and you valuable time won't be affected.

Check-in options: website, phone or kiosks

Now Airline Company provides various ways to check-in for flight. Passengers can check-in via online, self check-in, check-in at the Luton airport & check-in via SMS. By these many such means of check-in you can easily check-in for you flight while being at home. You are to provide personal information at the online portal after flight confirmation.

Once you confirm your flight you will receive e-ticket along with a website link, you can either log on the website or directed to the check-in website. By making online entries of your personal information you can check-in 7 days before your flight. Airline companies provide 14 days to check-in online.

You can also check at the Luton airport by using Kiosks, you can also choose your seat, get a printed copy boarding pass and move to the check-in. Mobile phone can also be used to check-in via SMS and an electronic version of boarding pass will be sent to you cellphone.

Things Allowed & Prohibited

Only the luggage and stuff which is prohibited will be taken from you. Luggage weight allowed to passengers is mentioned on the ticket and it varies according to airline companies. If the luggage is above mentioned weight you will be imposed extra charges for extra weight. Bags with dimensions 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm of standard volume are allowed to be carried.

Liquids are allowed not more than 100 ml and must be carried in transparent bottles. Also medicine is allowed in 100 ml transparent plastic pouch. You are suggested to take doctor’s prescriptions and medical certificate as proof of medical treatment.

Advance car booking benefits

The foremost thing is schedule your time and car booking in advance. Car companies have different policies and cars are mostly booked in advances. When you decide to travel be sure to be on schedule. To avoid any difficult situation and hurdle in your journey you must make advance arrangements of taxi.

Your driver must be aware of the time when you want to leave for Luton airport. Inform the company and order any necessary services you wish to avail because amenities are provided when you order and you driver must be informed. Companies have made standard booking time 12 hours before departure therefore travelers should book cars in advance.

Baby car cushions or seats

UK law has made mandatory the use of baby car seats for children safety. Children having heights more than 135 cm can easily be adjusted with any booster seats. UK law requires children use of booster seats until the age of 12 or height 135 cm. Height based seats are known as i-size seats, according to UK law ‘i-size’ seats must be rear facing until the child attains the age of 15 months.

Child more than the age of 15 months can uses forward-facing car seat. Weight based seats are also forward and rear facing depending on weight of child. 0kg to 9kg child must use flat or lateral seat, 0kg to 13kg child must use rear facing seat, 9kg to 18kg child can use rear or forward facing and 15kg to 36kg child can use high backed booster seats or booster cushion.

Take care of personal documents

Make sure to get your passport and get all necessary documents before leaving your place. It is better to make notes, gather and keep all stuff at one place for your easiness. When you keep things at a place near to you, you will never forget or lose any of your important papers. You must carry papers that you provided at the time of visa application, in case if you applied for visa to other country or for study purpose.

Your papers are checked at the Luton airport by an agent and after checking you are granted boarding pass to travel. Some of your documents might be check at the departure door before getting into flight, make sure to have all necessary documents with you.

Avail flight monitoring facility

It is not always your duty to track your flight be sure to reach Luton airport on time. Taxi services are liable to services with flight monitoring services. Flight monitoring is service which is included in advance booking of taxi. So when you book a taxi in advance it is the responsibility of driver to keep an eye your flight and make sure to pick and drop you on time.

Flight monitoring services is provided free of charges and you can ask without any hesitation. Customer must know their rights, if they are unaware of legitimate rights can seek help of customer represented.

Avoid last minute bookings

Avoid risking your flight by ordering car in the last moment. Taxis may not be available at a time when you want to reach at the airport and that is why taxi company stress more on advance booking than urgent call service.

Although taxi service can have cars in hundred or more but passengers wishing to leave for other country always reserve their rides in advance to avoid severe problem of not finding a taxi in short time. Possibility can be any, a taxi ordered at the last moment may not arrive at your door on time and you may miss your flight. So it is suggested to book airport taxi in advances.

Check your car details

Be sure to check every detail of car before booking. Every car detail is mentioned online on official website in the booking section. You are asked to enter you locations and other details and when you proceed you are asked to choose a suitable car.

You may be carrying heavy luggage or you may be traveling with friends and family and if you ordered a taxi which is not roomy and cannot accommodate many people with ease than you will have to change your options but you cannot wait until the arrival of other taxi as you need to reach to the airport on time. So whether you are worried about luggage or family you must make wise selection of vehicle.

Meet and greet parking facility

Car parking companies’ meet and greet services are very helpful in checking out after you arrive at the airport. Because of huge crowed you may not be able to find your line for checking out of security and customs. So luton meet and greet staff proves to be a good way to check out. ou can drive to the terminal, hand over your car keys to the Chauffeur and they will take care of your car. You can take your car upon arrival. Usually you can avail meet and greet facility at as low as £7 per day. Use our meet and greet parking compare page for more deals.

They guide and assist you about airport and airport procedures so you can easily find what comes next. With the assistance of meet and greet staff you can leave terminal building in the earliest time.