Does Heathrow Airport have a smoking area?.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

In accordance with British law with respect to smoking in an enclosed public space, there is no smoking at Heathrow Airport. This is in line with all of the airports in the United Kingdom, so it is not as if Heathrow Airport is providing anything different in its offerings to smokers.

This may be an inconvenience for some passengers, particularly those who are nervous or concerned about flying and who would like to smoke in order to calm their nerves, but this decision has been made out of consideration to all passengers and employees at Heathrow Airport.

There are smoking areas outside of the terminal buildings

While Heathrow Airport is a smoke-free airport, smoking is permitted in the designated areas, which are located outside of the terminal building. There are a number of terminals at Heathrow Airport and all of the buildings have an area outside of the main entry and exit points where smokers can congregate and smoke without impacting on other passengers.

Passengers should be area that there is no smoking permitted beyond security control. There is nowhere to smoke in the departure lounge, so smokers are advised to enjoy a smoke before they pass through security as this is likely to be the last opportunity they have to smoke until they reach their destination and pass through the airport building.

Passengers who are making a connecting flight at Heathrow Airport will find that smoking is not allowed during the process of connecting. The only way to access the permitted smoking areas, outside of the main terminal buildings, is to pass through passport control. Doing so would require the passenger to pass through security control once again in order to connect with their next flight.

Electronic cigarettes are not permitted at Heathrow Airport

With respect to electronic cigarettes, passengers should be aware that they are not allowed to use electronic cigarettes in Heathrow Airport. It is the responsibility of passengers to review the terms and conditions of the airline they are flying with, to ensure that electronic cigarettes are allowed on board the aircraft. Some airlines only allow electronic cigarettes to be carried in luggage stored in hold, and passengers may be asked to surrender their electronic cigarette if found to be in breach of regulations set out by the airline.

Passengers flying in or out of Heathrow Airport, and people visiting the airport to collect or drop off passengers are requested to comply with the no smoking policy in place at the airport. Adhering to these regulations will ensure that all passengers are best equipped to enjoy their time at Heathrow Airport.

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