Parking Restrictions Near Luton Airport.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

According to recent news, the visitors and locals have started parking cars outside Luton Airport to avoid pricey parking and other time-related problems. Not only this, but hundreds of travellers have chosen the southern area of Luton as the available parking spot, but the locals do not like this a bit. Let’s take a look at who has what to say

1. No Spot Available

One of the reasons that were told to the authorities by some travellers was that there are no parking spots available at Luton airport. It is the 5th busiest airport in the UK which makes it quite difficult for everyone to get a good parking spot. However, there are parking companies like Easy Airport Parking that provide best, available and cost-effective airport parking.

2. Airport Congestion

Some say that the airport is 24/7 jam-packed with travellers and vehicles. Those who choose Luton airport for pick and drop mostly don’t park inside the airport as it costs them extra time which no one is willing to waste. However, travellers often forget that they can spend some time at the Luton airport with the car without paying.

3. Wanderers of Bedfordshire

Luton is a perfect town from every angle whether its related to history, industry or tourist attraction, Luton has always been in the spotlight. Luton Airport has several amenities that locals can enjoy, but again no one wants to parkin inside as they believe that the procedure of parking is too timey and confusing. People come around Luton Airport for shopping and to enjoy food & drinks, but why bothering the nearby residents?

4. Locals Surrounding Luton Airport

The nearby residents and locals of surrounding have finally stood against such parking. They say that due to excellent holiday offers from Luton Airport, more and more travellers daily come for it and park in their area. Locals have started graffitiing the cars by writing ‘Selfish git’ ‘too tight to pay for airport parking’ and ‘respect for residents’. The main reason is simple; travellers are just avoiding the cost of airport parking.

5. Best Airport Parking

Good news for Luton as Easy Airport Parking is the one best airport parking services in the UK with inexpensive prices, 24/7 security and customer support. Travellers coming to Luton Airport can now request their parking spot so that the residents can finally get rid of unwanted illegal street parking.