Does Luton Airport have a train station?.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

As Luton Airport is one of the leading airports in the United Kingdom, it is understandable that many people are looking for the most convenient way to arrive at or depart from the airport. There are various options available for travel to and from Luton Airport, and this includes a train station.

There is a train station situated very close to Luton Airport, the Luton Airport Parkway Station. This station provides access to Luton itself and on wards to various stops in London and Brighton. Of course, connecting to the heart of London creates a wide range of connection opportunities, making Luton Airport a highly accessible train station.

Questions regarding the train station at Luton Airport

How far is the train station from Luton Airport?

Luton Parkway Station is situated a mile from the airport and access to and from the station is provided with a shuttle service. This shuttle can take up to 10 minutes to complete its journey so be sure to make allowances for this journey in any plans that you have.

This is a shuttle service and it helps to connect people with the airport and train station, making connecting journeys an awful lot easier.

How one can book a train ticket from Luton Airport?

Booking a train ticket for journeys to or from Luton Airport can be booked the same way as booking any train ticket in the United Kingdom. Tickets can bought from kiosks and machines at the station and from any available employees. These tickets can also be bought online, often at a discount when booking in advance.

Passengers connecting from other services and stations can also buy tickets for their complete journey.

Where is Luton Airport Parkway train station?

Luton Parkway Train Station is located to the west of the airport and it is found 1 mile from the station. Anyone wishing to drive from Luton Parkway Station to the airport should exit onto Parkway Road and then join New Airport Road.

Following this road will take you to Luton Airport where parking options are available, as well as drop-off options.

What are the times of trains in and out of the local train station?

With respect to train available at Luton Parkway Station, there are 4 trains an hour run by Thameslink which connect passengers to the heart of London, Gatwick Airport and Brighton.

There are 2 trains per hour which connect to Sutton via London and Wimbledon, with this service provided by Thameslink. There is an hourly service running to London St Pancras International station, and this is provided by East Midlands Trains

There are 2 trains per hour travelling to Luton and there are 4 trains per hour heading to Bedford, and these trains are provided by Thameslink. The Luton train is a direct service while the Bedford service stops at more local stations.

There is also 1 train per hour which operates to Nottingham via Leicester and this service is provided by East Midlands Train.

While the train station at Luton Airport is a fantastic option for many people, it isn’t suitable for everyone. There will be people who cannot connect easily from Luton Airport via their home and there will be people who prefer a more direct form of transport in getting to or leaving the airport.

In this regard, it may be better for people to consider the meet and greet option. A meet and greet service is ideal for individuals, families, groups of travelers and even businesses.

You can use a meet and greet service at Luton Airport

The train options available at Luton Parkway are often a great way to travel to and from Luton Airport but there will be times when this service is unable to meet your needs. If you are travelling with a lot of luggage or there is a lack of suitable connecting trains for your trip, it makes sense to take control of the journey yourself.

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