No Smoking Zones in Airports.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Too many people smoking is distasteful even if it is secondary smoking. Smoking is prohibited in almost major airports around the world. If you are thinking to smoke a cigarette in airport lounge before taking your flight you would probably be escorted out of Airport with a cigarette in your hand. So you should read instruction carefully when you land at the Airport where smoking is prohibited.

Luton Airport Smoking Zones

Smoking in public at Luton Airport is prohibited. But smokers may go to smoking zone at the airport during their break between flights or passengers at departure or arrival.

Although smoking causes are unfavorable to one’s health but Airport authorities facilitates passengers warm heartedly. The smoking zone can be found outside the departure, just before terminal building. Any information about Luton airport, can be taken from nearby information office.

Electronic cigarettes allowed at Luton Airport?

People vaping in pubs and aero-planes used to enjoy the same taste of smoking. Electronic Cigarettes were alternative to cigarettes with high tobacco quantity but by the time Electronics cigarettes gained popularity and so Airport authorities’ extended smoking ban to electronic cigarettes.

Although vaping is allowed in public but no one clearly knows whether to carry E-cigarette on an aero-plane, whether or not it is allowed smoking in airplane, many airlines have hidden policy in this regards.

Vaping is banned at most of the airport of United Kingdom and at Luton vaping is completely banned except for the specified place for smokers. You can also take e-cigarette through the security as it is permitted and as some flights do allow you vaping. But bear that you should read the airline guidelines you are flying by and also check specific country requirements, some country do not allow e-cigarettes.

Where to buy cheap cigarettes?

Smoking is banned in public buildings in Luton Airport but one can buy cigarette from duty free shop. Products available in duty free shop are tax free. You can also go to the Mall Luton; you can find pretty much everything of your choice. There is no restriction on smoking at the city center.

What if I don’t find my choice of cigarettes?

There is variety of cigarettes available at duty free shop and tax free. In case if you don’t find cigarettes that you smoke regularly than you need to walk to the city center Mall Luton. But it won’t affect if you change your taste for a matter of hours. You would probably be aware of side effects of cigarettes rather than taste.