Luton Airport Short Term Parking.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Luton Airport Short term car parking is next closest location after priority parking. But priority parking has some limitations and is expensive. Car parking at priority parking zone is unaffordable for a day or more, because the places is the busiest and it can be availed only for a few minutes to drop off passengers near to the terminal building. Also Short term parking is not much cheap.

Short term parking would definitely jeopardize your pocket if you are thinking to park your car in that zone for a long time. You can think of parking a car for an hour but not for an entire day or week & if you can return back after escorting your family, friends and relatives short term parking option is considerable.

Short Term Parking Rates

Unlike Priority parking, short term parking daily & Weekly prices don't increase rapidly but are still significant to compromise your pocket. First 40 minutes parking charges are £7, 40 to 60 minutes rate i.e. 20 minutes, is £10. So for the first hour, charges that inflict up on you will be £17; charges go on increasing after every one hour interval and at the end of the day you will an invoice of £45 for 24 hours parking. From 24th hour and onwards, for a day and part of a day same scheme of £45 apply equally after every 24 hours.

So if you park your car at short term parking, take out your luggage from the trunk and walk to the terminal to catch your flight; you will be surprised to see, that the bill would have crossed a limited at which you could have borne your expenses for a month. You may receive a bill of £498 on your return that is significantly high.

Short Term Parking Security

UK’s Luton Airport Parking is accredited with Park Mark, which means the airport security follows proper protocols and meets all requirements for secure parking. The parking area is clean, properly lightened and has surveillance. When you park the car, be sure to lock it properly and leave the rest to the airport security.

As the parking area is circumvented by barriers, when you enter the area you are given a ticket which you must keep safe. Crossing the area is almost impossible without an entry ticket which betokens your ownership of vehicle.

On leaving the area you must have the ticket to cross the barrier. If you lose the ticket the authorities will charge you penalty in addition to parking charges or may be more. Therefore a care must be taken in every respect and attention must be paid to every detail.

Short Term Parking Facilities

Being close to the terminal building short term parking facilitates you with short walking distance. If you forget any important thing back in your car, you can walk back to your car. It takes 4 to 5 minutes to walk from Short term parking to terminal building.

By parking at short term parking you are free from all kind of other matters like parking car away from the terminal, waiting for shuttle, taking 5 minutes shuttle service to the airport terminal, handling luggage and taking care of your children.

You don’t have to change vehicles every time but instead directly walk to into airport. There are many facilities at Luton airport i.e. luggage trollies, luggage weighing and luggage wrapping, which you can avail to carry and check-in your bulky stuff to the airport. Everything you need will be available for you at the airport.

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