Luton Airport Mid Term Parking.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Mid-term car parking is located away from terminal building of Luton Airport. Unlike priority parking and short term car parking , Mid-term parking offers free parking services for 15 minutes. If you park the car more than 15 minutes you will have to pay £3 for up to 30 minutes, £7 for up to 45 minutes and £10 for an entire hour. If you stay longer than 15 minutes charges will apply accordingly, daily and weekly charges can also go high to an unaffordable limit.

Because car parking is away from terminal building you will have to take a 5 minutes ride on shuttle bus. Shuttle bus will take you to the terminal. Mid-term parking can be hectic and costly if you don’t return within 15 minutes and also while coming back from the terminal you will have to wait for the shuttle bus.

Mid-term Parking Rates

Airport parking is costly because large number of passengers travel and therefore parking areas are mostly reserved. 1 hour car parking charges are £10 and if you wish to avail for an entire day you will be given an invoice of £27. So for example you park your car for a week you will be imposed daily charges of £27 for entire week, total charges at the end of week will be £189. Furthermore if you avail car parking facility for a month, your weekly charges will be £189, which means approximately £756 are car parking charges for mid-term parking zone.

The amount is high enough and too expensive. There are many other private companies which offer Luton city parking services, which are cheaper than Mid-term car parking. You can park your car their and travel for long time. Mid-term parking rates are due to congested area and stream of travelers.

Mid-term Parking Security

Mid-term car parking is the secure place to park your car. Area is monitored by cameras and surveillance teams are always available. Luton airport’s mid-term parking fulfills all requirements for a secure parking place.

Parking area is protected by barriers and no car enters and leaves without parking ticket. Parking zone payments can be made online and in person. You can get a ticket at barriers gate and then search for available place. In rush hours it is difficult to find a place so advance booking is preferable. Because of Luton airport’s parking security measures the parking is accredited with Park Mark.

The security teams has put entire of their efforts in scheduling security checks and sending security persons for observation at the parking zones. The parking is cleans and have proper lightening. When you leave your car you must check the locks for you own satisfaction.

Mid-term Parking Facilities

Being away from terminal, Mid-term car parking runs limited on facilities. Basic luggage trollies cannot be availed because you cannot walk to the terminal. It takes 5 minutes’ drive by shuttle services to the terminal building. But can find all facilities at Luton airport.

When you park the car you will have to wait for shuttle bus to arrive. Shuttle services runs after every 12 minutes to and from the airport terminal. People who avail taxi services at mid-term parking also travel to Mid-term parking zone by shuttle services.