Luton Airport Long term Parking.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Long term parking is convenient for spending some time out at the terminal with your loved ones. You don’t have to worry about time limit and money as it is free for two hours. Like priority parking, short term parking and mid-term parking , long term parking also have some advantages and disadvantages. But after parking your car, you can freely assist your family, friends, guest or relatives in their airport procedures.

Daily and weekly prices/rates depend on how many days you avail parking. It could be costly if you return after several days of parking the car at the airport. But also parking area is the safest. So you are only charged for facilities you avail and no extra charges are levied unless you break any rule or regulation of airport parking

Long term Parking Rates

The farther you park your car from the terminal the more relaxation you get in car parking charges. As the parking location is at a distance of 10 minutes shuttle ride, therefore cost of parking is a bit less than other parking zones. But being away from the terminal, there are not many facilities but you can have enough time under which you can easily return to the parking area and you don’t have to pay for extra minutes.

You are allowed 2 hours free parking and in this time if you don’t return to your car you will be charged on per day basis. First day rate for an entire day will be £21 and for rest of the days rates will increase subsequently whether you avail 12 hours or 24 hours, you will be liable to pay for an entire day. One week charges will be £171 which is comparatively lower than short term and mid-term parking

Long term Parking Security

Parking security in all parking zones are of good caliber and reliable. Airport authorities monitor and facilitate equally in all parking zones with camera monitoring, surveillance teams, clean areas, proper lightening and barriers. Similar to other parking zones, long term parking policies are same.

Any vehicle when enters the parking zone from the barriers is given a ticket, on turn the ticket must be shown. The ticket signifies possession of vehicle and other factors. You will not be allowed to leave parking premises without it. Fines for losing parking ticket can be high.

If you book long term parking zone you will be given priority for parking in case of rush hours, during rush hours limited parking areas are available. Security teams are divided to render their jobs in shifts. Security persons are well trained and certified. Airport security received its Park Mark accreditation for best secure services in UK

Long term Parking Facilities

Airport authorities are well aware of needs of passengers and they have rendered their best to facilitate passengers. All basic needs, which passengers deserve, are provided at long term parking zone. But if you are not aware or availing the parking for the first time and want to know more, you can contact airport help center by phone or e-mail. Shuttle services are provided at long term parking. It takes 10 minutes drive to and from the terminal.

Airport shuttles run after every 10 to 12 minutes and pick and drop passengers at their desired area where they wish to avail taxi or have parked their personal cars. In off- season parking areas are almost reserved in advance and hence it is difficult to find a single inch inside parking zones. In such case you are suggested to avail Airport Taxi services which can drop you at the terminal. You can save a lot of time and money in this ways and you don’t have to worry about facilities at the airport.