Luton Airport Facilities & Facts.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Despite amongst the top airports in the world, Luton Airport has a wide-range of facilities that it offers to every tourist, passenger, and visitor. Regardless of your profession or your marital status (with family, friends or alone), Luton Airport treats its every customer with privileges and standard service.

This article will serve the purpose of a guide to every reader who loves to visit Luton Airport. Here are few facilities and facts that may interest you while you’re at the Luton Airport.

1. Facilities for Children and Disabled Individuals

Unlike other airports, Luton Airport has several services specifically for children and disabled people. If a family has infants or babies that need a change, then there’s a separate main concourse changing room for babies inside toilets. There are special play areas and baby-care rooms, nappy dispensers, and equipment that could help passengers while travelling. Luton Airport has toilets, seating places, and unique caring units specially for elderly or disabled individuals.

2. Support & Technical Staff

Luton Airport’s response to customer queries and issues is indeed fast; this is one of the reasons why Luton Airport has reached the top level of airport pioneers. There’s support staff available around every terminal; there are guards who look after passengers, there are airport officials who stroll around the airport to check if everything is okay and most importantly the technical staff is available 24/7 if there’s a need for them. Complaints are registered honestly even if they against the airport followed by prompt action.

3. Airline Management

The airport is a facility that allows passengers to travel to different destinations, but it’s the airlines which provide the travelling services (planes, tickets, boarding passes etc.). Luton Airport has some of the finest airlines in the world such as Ryanair, Flybe, Wizz Air Monarch, Onur Air, Spanair, Silver jet, Sky Europe and EasyJet. Each airline has different packages for flying so, if you’re looking to experience quality travelling in cheap flights then Luton Airport is the airport you need.

4. Employment

Luton Airport is nothing without its admirers, employees and passengers. Luton Airport has contributed in the British economy by employing thousands of individuals every year. One thing that has known from the review is that employees are more active for than before as they say that working at Luton Airport is never dull. Every employee has facilitated with perks and benefits apart from basic salary, and that’s Luton Airport every employee is committed to his job.

5. Transportation

Luton Airport is easily reached by every kind of transportation whether it’s a taxi, own car, bus, coaches, or trains, Luton Airport even has its train station called Luton Parkway Station that takes the train passengers after its arrival at the parkway station to Luton Airport in individual coaches.

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