Luton Airport Car Parking Amenities.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

A wide range of branded shops with best food courts and brewery franchises – Luton Airport has surpassed is at the peak of an impression. Travellers felt more relief and relaxed as they were before due to the addition of amenities.

Extended parking space, new terminals, more shops, spas and much more is now available for everyone at the Luton Airport. Here’s a quick glance over Luton Airport’s Car parking amenities that sure has lessened the problems of travellers with cars.

1. Safety, Security, and Surveillance

Luton Airport has recently undergone expansion project that covers for its parking so that more vehicles could be accommodated without having difficulties. Luton Airport provides 24/7 security staff (apart from airport parking company’s) who stroll around the area to ensure maximum security. Each side of the Luton Airport parking has a camera that monitors every movement.

2. Consistent & Reliable

One of the reasons why Luton Airport parking is the best choice is due to its reliability. People feel safer to leave their cars at the airport than at other places. From easy pre-booking to always available parking spots, Luton Airport has shown the world how to take care of vehicles at parking.

3. Long-Term & Short-Term Parking

There are two main types of airport parking available at Luton Airport. The long-term and Short-term, Long-term parking allows travellers to leave their vehicle if they’re off station for more than a day or two whereas short-term parking is mostly for a day. Each parking type also determines the prices, and this is where Luton Airport takes the mark. Luton Airport offers lowest per hour rates for parking.

4. Seasonal Parking

Summer and Winter are the two seasons that fills most of the space in every airport of the UK. Luton Airport has handled this difficulty by seasonal prioritising as it introduces with levels of parking during busy seasons. The Traveller will have the upper hand then you have people who come for pick and drop and last are the locals of who choose Luton airport for fun and food.

5. Easy & Best

Easy Airport Parking offers every above-discussed and more amenities at any major Airport in London. Easy online booking procedure, convenient procedure, and 100% security and satisfaction, Easy Airport Parking has the perfect solution for airport parking at Luton Airport. Imagine how soothing and relieved you will feel when we will resolve all of your stress factors with guaranteed satisfaction.