Luton Airport Airlines.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Luton Airport currently houses 20 best airlines of the world. From low-cost holiday travelling to elite business class experience, the airlines at Luton Airport know exactly how to treat and facilitate the passengers.

Passengers from every class have reviewed the Luton Airport’s services to rank it amongst the best ones. Here are few things that you might need to know about the airlines before finalising your trip from Luton Airport.

1. Special Holiday Flights

Luton Airport is jam-packed with passengers, especially tourists going for vacation. Summer and Winter are two of the busiest seasons at Luton Airport. In fact, this is the time when most airlines double the fare to earn as much money as possible however at airlines at Luton airport, reduce the prices and offer holiday packages that are affordable and convenient for everyone.

Airlines at Luton Airport also offer sunshine holiday packages for Portugal, Spain, and Greece. Visit the exotic Islands of Canary, Costa Del Sol, and Algarve by availing beach holiday package.

2. Low-cost Flights

Apart from seasonal flights and holiday packages, airlines at Luton Airport offers a tremendous discount on normal flights. Ryanair and EasyJet are two amongst the cheapest airlines that has a wide-range of flights at affordable prices. In fact, these two airlines now represent the Luton Airport on a large scale due to covering 20% of the passengers who choose Luton Airport for Travelling.

3. Cheap Charter Flights

Luton Airport also has charter airlines such as Thomsonfly, Monarch, Wizz Air, Thomas Cook, and XL Airways who have excellent charter flights. Luton has beaten Stansted and Heathrow airport on several occasions regarding cost-effectiveness, airport parking, airport management, and regular flights. Most people use charter flights when they’re going for a business trip, but people can also request cheap charter flights to experience the difference.

4. Low-Cost International Flights

Being one of the best Airport to travel to Europe, Luton Airport has airlines like Sun Express and Sky Europe that has the lowest fare of international flights. However, SilverJet was the first one to introduce cheap flights to the USA from Luton Airport, many new airlines have joined the Luton Airport family to offer direct international flights.

5. Easy & Punctual

Each airline at Luton Airport is easily accessible for booking. You can request your ticket online or by visiting the nearby office of the desired airline in Luton. Luton Airport has a record-breaking punctuality of flights, in fact, there are only a few complaints registered regarding the flight's delay.