How much is car parking at Luton Airport.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

How can I use airport Terminal Parking?

Airport terminal parking is closed to the terminal building and because of this parking area can accommodate limited cars and that’s why you will have to pay more than other parking zone. If you stay longer than 10 minutes, you will be imposed £1 for every single minute. If you want to locate a place for your car to park it is better that you should arrive at the airport one hour before the flight.

Having limited parking area near the terminal, car parking areas are mostly reserved. You can drop the passengers at the terminal and drive back. If you parked the car at an authorized parking or at a place where it hurdles the passenger you may be imposed a huge fine because of choking the flow. Be aware of airport parking policies to stay away from penalties.

How much it cost per day and per week?

Parking fees/charges are different for different parking zones. Charges for parking at the priority zone is £3 for first ten minutes and then for every minute £1 increases that means for a total of twenty minutes charges will be £13 and for entire hour and week charges will be £53 & £10073 respectively.

Short Term Car Parking

At short term car parking first 40 minutes charges are £7 and for rest of hour is £10 and subsequently for an entire day fees will be £45, for every day and part of the day charges are £45 and for an entire week charges will be £498.

Mid Term Car Parking

At mid-term car parking, 15 minutes are free, £3 for up to 30 minutes, £7 for up to 45 minutes, £10 for up to an hour, £27 for up to 24 hours, £27 each day and part of day and £189 for an entire week.

Long Term Car Parking

Long term car parking is free for 2 hours on exceeding the limit rates will charge on full day basis, £25 for the first day and £21 for each day and part of a day.

How long one can park their car with them?

Although there is no limit of parking time. But UK airport car parking will jeopardize your pocket. It is better to get back as early as possible or find a cheapest car parking other can official airport Parking. Luton city parking zone are secure and cheap so If you planned to leave for a long time you should avail Luton city parking services.

You can choose airport parking as it the secure parking with CCTV monitoring. Before parking, you need to book a parking zone or you can get a ticket in person when your reach at the airport. That ticket signifies your parking fees, if you lose the ticket you may be charged by the parking security or even by airport authorities.

Some info about their rush hours and how busy their parking is

Rush hours at Luton airport depends on seasonal variations in airline prices. In off-seasons, airline companies offer cheaper traveling, therefore, people traveling to and from Luton airport increase largely in numbers and this increase of travelers occupy more parking spaces and affect the parking limit. In on-season, airplane ticket costs touch the sky, and due to this reason less number of people travel to any location; this results in more space available for parking in Luton parking zones.

In many countries, fluctuation in airline prices have no effect on availability of parking area because most of the country offer free parking zones, on the other hand UK is a densely populated country due to limited land parking areas are also congested.

Why Meet and Greet parking is better than Luton Airport Terminal Parking?

Luton meet and greet parking is cheaper than Luton airport parking. Because Airport Parking zones can accommodate limited vehicles; parking areas are mostly pre-booked. Luton Airport is the busiest airport and thousands of people travel to and from Luton airport every day, many passengers travel for short periods of time and they park their cars in official Luton airport parking.

Luton airport parking is not suitable if you have planned to leave to travel on long vacations. You can scrutinize for other parking lots in Luton city. Many hotels and Meet & Greet service facilitators offer secure private parking zones at cheapest rates of as low as £6 per day and even more, whereas Luton Airport short term, mid-term and long term parking charges are approximately £45, £27 and £25 for a day. You are advised to choose parking area wisely for your car in case of traveling for long time.