Heathrow Express.

History of Heathrow Express

Heathrow Express is one of the fastest and most reliable railway transport services from Heathrow to London in 15 minutes only. During the first month of 1993, a temporary service by the name of Heathrow FastTrain launched interim services from Heathrow Junction. A few months later, the service officially launched its railway services on 23 June 1998 with four fully functioned trains each running hourly to all four directions.

Heathrow Airport Holdings is the parent company of Heathrow Express. The operational control panel of Heathrow Express used Class 332 electric multiple units erected by Siemens Mobility. In 2005, Heathrow Airport Holdings launched yet another successful train service called Heathrow Connect which also encompassed routes from Heathrow to London. Due to its massive success, Heathrow Express diverted from Terminal-5 to Terminal-4.

Heathrow Express currently employs 435 individuals, where 363 works at stations or on train and 72 works as train drivers. Heathrow Airport Holdings have a legal contract with the Network Rail to access routes on the GWML until 2023.


Heathrow Express offers lowest fares between Heathrow and London (Paddington station). Every 15 minutes train leaves the Paddington station starting from 05:10 am to the last train at 11:25 pm. Travellers can also utilise the Heathrow Express for returning by using the junctions as a union.

At Paddington Station, it only uses two platforms 6 & 7. It has two main stops in Heathrow: one at Heathrow Central serving entirely Terminal 1,2 & 3 and second at Heathrow Terminal 5. Due to Class 332 electric multiple units, travellers can enjoy mobile connectivity even in tunnels along with updates and news on monitors. In the summer of 2013, all the services of Heathrow Express were revamped inside-out, including but not limited to luggage storage, new seating arrangement, and at-seat power.

Perks & Benefits

Heathrow Express offers free journey between Heathrow terminals in Standard Class travel. Travellers can also enjoy television, at-seat power sockets, and free accessible Wi-fi. Individuals who wish to travel by Heathrow Express can also pre-book their journey online by using Heathrow Express App. Pricing for tickets varies according to travelling plan such as £25 per head by Express Saver plan.

This fare is for peak-times (7 am to 10 pm and 4 pm to 7 pm from Monday to Friday) and £22 during off-peak times. Both of these peak times are applicable on tickets that you buy before boarding the train. Once you on it, tickets fare may vary accordingly. Airport employs can get good discount deals if enrolled to Airport Commuter scheme run by Heathrow Airport Holdings.