Heathrow Airport Do's and Dont's.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

More than 70 million passengers travel from Heathrow Airport every year, and the numbers just keep increasing. It is mostly crowded with eager tourists, holiday-goers and business travellers. However, things can be problematic if you're not a frequent traveller from Heathrow airport.

We compiled a list of top do's and don'ts that you can keep in mind while using the Heathrow Airport for travelling.


1. Be on Time

Don't forget to reach the airport in or on time. The place is filled with travellers and tourists, and you might not want to take any chances. It is wise and better to leave home for the airport way before your flight. Keep delay margin of 1-hour in mind

2. Online Check-in

Don't forget to utilise the online check-in facility. Most airlines at Heathrow Airport provide online check-ins for passengers to avoid creating long hectic queues.

3. Exact Terminal

Don't forget to remember the terminal you're supposed to be on. Most travellers confuse between the terminals and end up missing their flight. There are five terminals and two runways currently, you don't want to take any chances

4. Documentation

Don't forget to bring complete documentation such as passport, visa, tickets and related papers to the airport. It's better to check all these before leaving home than to face disappoint on the counter.

5. Be Attentive

Don't forget to reach the airport with zero stress. Make sure you've had proper rest before the flight, and you're not too dizzy on the airport. It gets problematic when you reach the security checkpoint, and unwanted restlessness just creates room for doubts.


1. Luggage Restriction

Do read the baggage limit to avoid disappointment. 21 percent passengers are offloaded due to excessive luggage. There are additional charges for excess luggage if you think you can afford the extra cost then go for it otherwise be wiser to carry limited luggage.

2. Spare Time

Do reach the airport in time so that could have at least time to stroll around the airport. Heathrow airport is also a good spot for window shoppers, but for that you need time. Heathrow airport recommends arriving 3-hours for long-haul flights, 2-hours for European flights, and 90-minutes for the UK and Irish flights.

3. Security Check

Do go through your luggage before going to the security audit. Make sure you're not carrying any questionable metal, jewellery or alarming thing. And be courteous to the security agent but don't smile unnecessarily either.

4. Fun Time

Do spare time to enjoy being at the Heathrow Airport. Travelling is meant to be fun, and Heathrow airport could be perfect to start with. The airport has a lot to offer from food courts to the mini shopping centre. Try the famous Heathrow Breakfast, it's indeed worth having.

5. Easy Airport Parking

Do book your parking spot with the best airport parking service – Easy Airport Parking. It has low-priced offers with 24/7 safety and security surveillance. It's better to pre-book your parking place with Easy Airport Parking because Heathrow Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the UK and parking is always jam-packed with cars.