Gatwick Airport Parking, Hotels, Arrivals and Terminals.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Gatwick Airport was first used for commercial flights in 1993 after receiving its certification from ICAO. Since then, it has become UK’s 2nd busiest airport, facilitating more than 44 million passengers per year.

But Gatwick Airport has a lot more to offer – so, let’s begin to stroll around it to find fascinating facts.

Gatwick Parking

Gatwick Airport Parking is mostly jam-packed with vehicles belonging to passengers travelling abroad. There are various types of parking available at Gatwick Airport. Short Stay Parking – is a type of parking when passenger decides to travel/stay from Gatwick Airport for a minimum of 5 hours and maximum of 2 days. Prices vary with respect to time.

The prices for it quite cheap and affordable. Passengers can avail short stay parking from both terminals of Gatwick Airport. Long Stay Parking – is when the passenger leaves for more than two days to travel. Each parking providers provide safety, security and liability for satisfaction. Gatwick Airport Parking includes parking for motorcycles, cars, heavy vehicles (limitation applied), Valet Parking, Meet & Greet Parking, and Chauffeur Parking.

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Gatwick Arrivals

Gatwick Airport has two terminals: North and South. Gatwick Airport North terminal offers a variety of spectacular service. From responsive customer service to feasible parking, North terminal has recently enlisted more famous airlines to fly from including Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, and Air Canada. Gatwick Airport South terminal is the oldest amongst the two terminals.

Therefore, it provides more facilities and services than North terminal. The number of passengers’ travel from South terminal is more than North terminal. It is also the reason why South terminal handles more airlines charter and international flights. Both terminals are operational 24/7. The time-distance between these two terminals is approx. 2 minutes on the free shuttle.

Gatwick Hotels

There’s plenty of room available adjacent to Gatwick Airport. Passengers who are coming from a relevant distance can also book rooms to nearby hotels to Gatwick Airport, depending upon their flight schedule. In fact, the number of tourists, visitors, and foreigners travelling from Gatwick Airport are more than locals. Therefore, there’s a significant need for hotels for them.

The famous amongst Gatwick Airport Hotels is the Travelodge, Hilton Hotel, Premier Inn, YotelAIR, Airport Inn, and Bloc Hotel for providing exceptionally clean rooms at affordable prices but passengers can stroll around for more as there are many hotels around Gatwick Airport. The only-most reason why Gatwick Airport Hotels come handy is to kill the delayed time of flights.

Gatwick Lounges

Gatwick Airport Lounges are places where passengers can relax and calmly wait to board their flights. There are several lounges available on both terminals. Passengers also choose to sit inside the Airport lounges to escape crowded area as not mention again but Gatwick Airport is the second busiest airport in the UK. There are free lounges, Business lounges, and lounges for everyone. Premium lounges provide more facilities like food, drinks, spas and movie screens etc at a small price.

Gatwick Shopping

Gatwick Airport has numerous shops where passengers can enjoy world class shopping. Shops are available in both terminals. Types of it include souvenir shops, retail shops, electrical outlets, and book stores. Opening and closing hours for most of the shops are from 4 am to 8:30 pm but there are shops that are opened for 24/7.