Does Stansted Airport have a Smoking Area?.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

In 2007, the British government added and introduced a smoke-free law in the regulations to create public awareness and initiation programme to eradicate smoking from all public, enclosed or substantially enclosed places and workplaces in the UK. Such places must also display no-smoking signs or banners so that every smoker could be notified about smoke-free premises. Stansted Airport is amongst the five crowded airports around London, and it has implemented the smoke-free law since its introduction

Smoking Zones and Designated Smoking Areas

Stansted Airport only has one terminal from more than 20 million passengers fly to 140 different destinations every year. Around 40% of passengers on every flight are smokers at Stansted Airport, that’s the airport has created small rooms, smoking areas and zones outside the terminal.

Smoking is not allowed inside Stansted Airport, whether it’s a vape, e-cigarette or any smoking material. Stansted Airport ensures that every interested smoker is headed directly to the smoking area so that they do not create a distraction or become problematic for the airport authority. Since there’s only one terminal, the number of smoking areas are few to one. There’s a support staff who at times convinces and stops passengers to even smoke in the designated areas; it’s a part of health promotion

Vapes and E-Cigarettes

Technology has many advantages but some flaws too. Not every intention in the history turned out to be great. E-cigarettes were introduced, and vapes were proposed to eliminate smoke generated from matchbox and cigarettes packing, but it did not get rid of the main problem that kills thousands of people every year – Smoking.

Stansted Airport does not allow passengers inside with e-cigarettes or vapes. In fact, some airlines offload passengers because of the same reason. Therefore, be careful what you pack for smoking before going to Stansted Airport.

Can I Smoke After Security Clearance?

No, you cannot smoke after passing through security clearance. There are absolutely no smoking areas or small cabins where you can just blend in and smoke with others. Keep in mind that some airports take strict actions against smoking violations, so it would be wise for you to read no-smoking and smoking zone signs

No Smoking Zones at Stansted Airport

Smoking zones and areas are situated right outside the departure terminal, or near airport parking. There are no timing restrictions, but it would seem awkward and creepy to smoke in the middle of the night in the smoking area of Stansted Airport. Avoid the embarrassment of a lifetime and do not smoke as smoking is hazardous to human health and it causes lung cancer.