Does Gatwick Airport have a smoking area?.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

Smoking has surpassed all public boundaries and has become a norm of satisfaction and attention for many people. Unfortunately, smoking has reached the borders of places and buildings where not only its banned but considered a threat if found anyone with it.

Let’s talk about Gatwick Airport for instance. According to British Law, it is against the regulations to smoke in public areas, especially crowded airports. Today there is not a single airport that allows smoking inside the airport.

Smoking Zones and Designated Smoke Areas

Gatwick Airport is very concerned about public health and therefore, have countered the smoking situation by creating small enclosed zones and smoking areas outside parking, above floors (only one) and near airport parking. There’s no way you can smoke inside the terminal at Gatwick Airport.

Both the North and South Terminals at Gatwick Airport have designated smoking zones, quarterly-enclosed so that the privacy of smoking is kept away from the public sighting. If you’re looking for a place to smoke at Gatwick airport, you better read smoking signs or ask the airport support for directions to the smoking areas at Gatwick Airport.

Electronic or e-Cigarettes and Vapes

Some Airports in the UK allow carrying cigarettes as long as they don’t smoke it within the airport premises, but Gatwick Airport merely has imposed a ban on even carrying smokable content such as e-cigarettes, vapes, nicotine patches, and nicotine gums. Therefore, even the possession of such type of cigarettes can get you in trouble at Gatwick Airport.

According to a rumour report, Gatwick Airport has lifted the ban from nicotine gums and nicotine patches but not from cigarettes and vapes of any type. This news is yet to be confirmed until then it’s better to smoke before getting to the Gatwick Airport.

Can I Smoke after Security Clearance

No, Gatwick Airport is strict about regulations, and thus it has not allowed anyone to smoke after passing through security check successfully. Very few airports in the world have small smoking areas at Airports after security check but not Gatwick Airport. You cannot smoke once you’ve passed the security clearance.

No Smoking Zones at Gatwick Airport

After amendments in Airport regulations in 2007, every airport in the UK has become conscious about public health and stricter about smoking. Smoke if you want but only in smoking zones or designated smoking areas at Gatwick Airport. Also, keep in mind that smoking is hazardous to human health and it causes lung cancer.