3 Safe Travel Tips When Leaving From Heathrow Airport.

2016-11-29 Posted in 1ST Airport Taxis

London Heathrow Airport is the main and biggest airport in the United Kingdom. Heathrow Airport is one of the five airports in London besides Gatwick Airport which is another international airport, Luton and Stansted who are mainly used as regional airports and London City airport which is the smallest airport located closest to the center of the city.

Heathrow Airport serves more than 70 million passengers every year in the past three years. According to many sources, these numbers make Heathrow Airport the busiest airport in the world. This airport is linked with more than 160 destinations in the world and with over 90 airlines. It is located around 24 km from the center of London and it’s linked with a modern highway and railway. This airport has 5 terminals. If you have deiced to use Heathrow Airport it’s good to follow some tips that can help you feel safe while you are leaving this huge airport.


It is always a good idea to keep a close eye on your baggage. It would be perfect to take some time and take only the things that you find necessary for the trip. Don’t bring excessive items because it will cost you more and you can easily forget some of the bags on the airport. You can also become a target of scammers because they know how to make you feel confused and take some of your belongings without noticing.

You should also avoid carrying something for someone else. You never know what’s inside and you can easily get in trouble. There is also a list of things that cannot be taken on to an aircraft. Read the instructions on the official website to learn more. Some of these things include – organic peroxides, flammable liquids, gas cylinders, smoke canisters, explosives and ammunition, fireworks, fire lighters etc.

Avoiding Problems

As we have mentioned before there are thousands of passengers that pass Heathrow Airport every day. This means that you will get chance to meet and even talk to some people while you are there. This can sometimes be good because you will have a chance to use your free time for socialization, but remember that there are different types of people visiting these airports.

Not all of them have good intentions. Try to be polite, but never leave personal information to complete strangers. This is the best way to avoid scams and possible problematic situations.

Airport Parking

Many people want to get to Heathrow with their own car because they feel most comfortable when they are traveling with their car. They know how it works and how much capacity does it have and on top of that they feel secure. If you are planning to use your car for airport transportation you need to know that finding free parking space at Heathrow Airport is difficult.

The best solution is to use Meet & Greet service like the one offered by Easy Airport Parking LTD. This company has their own chauffeurs and they will take your car from the moment you reach the airport and drive to the nearest parking where it will be perfectly safe. Once you return your car will be waiting for you at the same place where you left it.